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STAINMASTER fibers are designed for beauty and performance to create many beautiful carpet styles. STAINMASTER Carpet is the leader in high fashion and high performance carpet. Dupont STAINMASTER carpet offers 3 major innovations in the fiber business including:

Tactesse nylon fiber: Dupont STAINMASTER carpet with Tactesse is a really soft and durable fiber which makes the carpet incredibly soft and fashionable.

ExtraBody II nylon fiber: ExtraBodyII is a patented, INVISTA dualfiber extrusion process to deliver a fiber with a rich, thick hand for products in the high value and performance lines. New additions to this fiber group have expanded styling by offering new luster levels and deeper and lighter dye colors resulting in a more rich impact of color combinations, heaver face weights, and a difference look in style from textures, patterns and friezes.

Shaw Stainmaster Luxerell Nylon Fiber Carpet
Shaw Stainmster Tactesse Nylon Fiber Carpet

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Shaw Stainmaster ExtraBody 2 Nylon Fiber Carpet

Luxerell nylon fiber: STAINMASTER carpet with Luxerell is specially designed for soil and stain resistance.

Luxerell fiber repels most liquid, soil and releases most stains.  It is easy to clean.   STAINMASTER carpet offers the best of everything for your home or office, from loop construction, to frieze, to deep plush and texture, they have it all.

STAINMASTER carpet is committed to green living; INVISTA’s STAINMASTER nylon 6.6 carpets have been proven to last 50% longer, and stay 30% cleaner than other carpets, thus extending their usable life.
McCurley’s Floor Center, Inc. has been distributing Dupont STAINMASTER carpet and floor coverings nationwide for commercial and residential flooring projects over 26 years. Our great carpet selection displays the latest styles, patterns, and colors in STAINMASTER carpet.  From major brand factories such as Shaw Carpets, Fabrica Carpets, Camelot Carpets, Royalty Carpet, Dixie Home Carpet, Masland Carpet, Mohawk Carpet, Karastan Carpet, Bealieu Carpet, Moda Carpet, Gulistan Carpet and many more.

 Visit our showrooms in the San Francisco Bay Area, at San Ramon/Danville and Concord/Walnut Creek, CA to see our large selection of STAINMASTER carpet such as: texture carpet, frieze carpet, cut-pile carpet, saxony carpet, cut-loop carpet, level loop carpet, plush carpet, berber carpet, and more in all their diverse styles and beautiful colors. We also carry many carpet accessories including under-layments, STAINMASTER carpet pads. In addition to our selection we also provide custom and specified carpets, designed specifically for your space, color scheme, and overall ‘feel’ of your flooring project, and all to fit any budget and application.

No matter if your flooring project is a family room or a multi-story hotel, McCurley’s Floor Center has the knowledge and experience to help from start to finish. Our professional, in-house installers are efficient and can finish your job in a timely fashion, including weekends and after-hours. Even if you already have your carpet, our experienced installers are ready at a moment’s notice to help get the job done.

At McCurley’s Floor Center, Inc. we believe that people of all budgets should be able to have a beautiful, high-quality floor. We therefore offer several promotions and deals including no payment, no interest financing, regular sales on carpet and carpet remnants, and free in-house/office estimates, free design consultation, and free delivery in most areas. Our Bay Area flooring warehouses carry a large amount of product in stock for immediate delivery and installation, and our national distributor channels provide high-quality carpet flooring throughout the country. We look for carpet and floor products which are environmentally friendly and have a low VOC count, and we are committed to partnerships with green and environmentally-responsible companies who maintain our natural resources. Come visit McCurley’s Floor Center today and choose the STAINMASTER carpet that’s right for you!


Watch Performance Video About STAINMASTER vs. Untreated Polyester

Shaw Stainmaster Pattern Cut Pile
Shaw Stainmaster Frieze
Shaw Stainmaster Saxony
Shaw Stainmaster Loop
Shaw Stainmaster Texture
Pattern Cut Pile
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