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Fabric Hardwood

Fabrica Hardwood Flooring 

Fabrica Hardwood Flooring Products


Fabrica Hardwood Flooring uses the highest quality wood grade available. The traditional European craftsmanship consists of Baltic Birch, the finest, most stable hardwood base panel with seven layers of cross-grain stability. With cold press lamination, Fabrica hardwood is re-sandable up to three times.


Fabrica Hardwood Flooring Collections:


French Oak Collection

Fabrica Hardwood French Oak Collection

Rich with naturally aged color tones, the flooring is wire brushed for an aged appearance made with European hardwood and french Oak.


Red Oak Select Collection

Fabrica Hardwood Red Oak Select Collection

Selected from Northern Red Oak found all over the eastern United States and in the southeast of Canada. Because of the climate, the northern and southern Red Oak differ; farther north, the harsher winters slow growth and yield a harder wood.


Maple Select Collection

Fabrica Hardwood Maple Select Collection

Maple Select hardwood comes with brownish mineral streaks, but Select grade Maple contains the least. Graining is fine and ranges from straight lines to curly patterns known as “birdseye” graining.


Hand Scraped Collection

Fabrica Hardwood Hand Scraped Collection

Artesian Hand-Tooled engineered wood flooring recreates from the rustic appearance of floors installed in homes more than a century ago. This product offers many design genres, from classic to country to mid-century modern.


Chateau Collection

Fabrica Hardwood Chateau Collection

The Chateau Collection is made of finest European white oak from France and features 9 1/2 inch wide planks for a modern aesthetic. Chateau introduces 8 timeless colorways to the Fabrica Hardwood collection.

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