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Heating System for Floors | Warm Your Floor | Radiant In-Floor Heating Systems | Electric Radiant Floor Heating

Heating System for Floors | Warm Your Floor | Radiant In-Floor Heating Systems | Electric Radiant Floor Heating


Radiant Heating– Floor Heating

If you are worried about having cold floors and feel uncomfortable, you may want to consider radiant heat floor systems. Radiant heat floor can be used for ceramic tile floor, porcelain tile, natural stone, marble, hardwood flooring and carpet.

Benefits of Radiant Heating

For people who have mild or severe allergies radiant heating floor provides a solution, by avoiding the spread of forced air and the accumulation of dust. Radiant heat floors can be more efficient because there is no energy lost to ducts. Hydronic systems have the capability to be heated with multiple energy sources, such as solar water heaters, gas fired boilers, oil fired boilers, or combination of these.

McCurley’s Floor Center www.MacFloor.com can customize your floor for warm floor tile or hardwood floor & laminate flooring. We can make it simple! Send us a rough drawing, diagram of your floor space with exact dimension. McCurley’s Floor professional designers will draft a layout with the most cost effective mats size for your floor projects.

McCurley’s Floor Center is a distributor of many floor heating products. We carry Nuheat, Warmtile floors and others. Visit our flooring stores you will see defferent types of worm flooring in Nothern California, San Francisco Bay Area.
Types of Radiant Heating Floor Systems:

There are three different systems of radiant heat flooring,

Air heated Floors
Electric Radiant Flooring
Hydronic Radiant Floors

Air Heated systems are the least common system used in radiant heating systems, since air cannot hold heat very well.

Electric Radiant Heating Floor Systems -Electric Cables are installed into the floor. Providing surface warmth, electric mats are energy efficient, have a zero electromagnetic field, and aid in warming the entire room are cost only pennies a day to operate.

Electric Hydronic Radiant Floors - The most popular and cost effective radiant heat floor system.

How quickly does a floor surface warm up?

The floor surface will reach to a temperature of 70 to 80 degrees in less than 30 minutes.


How to design heating flooring system?

Mats adhere to the properly prepared surface with self adhesive strips. Tile or stone is bonded with thin-set mortar on top of the mat. The heating mat adds little more than 1/8 inch to the finished installation. The variety of mat widths available allows a perfect fit for entire rooms, counters or specific areas. A complete installation manual is included with your materials.


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