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Before you buy Laminate Flooring

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Laminate flooring is both affordable and durable and is environmentally friendly. Most laminate floors are made of cellulose, or wood fibers, and different types of resins. The floor itself contains a backing layer, a core layer, a print or décor layer, and a protective wear layer. This provides moisture and scratch resistance as well as an attractive appearance.

Laminate floors are very ‘green’ and are normally given the lowest classification for levels of VOC’s, or volatile organic components. The high fiber content makes laminate flooring very well adapted for recycling as well.

Laminate floors are easy to install. Installation of laminate floor requires the same tools as hardwood floor. Also it is easy to maintain. Laminate floor comes in several different look. Plank flooring, tile and stone look, bamboo and other.

Laminate Services

McCurley’s Floor Center and www.MacFloor.com offer a huge selection of laminate floors from major manufactures in US and around the world. We distribute laminate floor nationwide and we install in Bay Area and northern California cities. Check with us for floor sale promotion and overstock products.

Laminate floors are normally given one of the best classifications for low emission levels attributed to volatile organic components (VOC), including formaldehyde. Many manufacturers of laminate flooring participate in some form of environmental labeling or credits (e.g. USGBC LEED, FloorScore, GreenGuard, CHPS 1350, Blue Angel, Nordic Ecolabel, etc.). Although Indoor Air Quality is only one part of environmental consideration, laminate flooring does well in this regard.


The Laminate Flooring Rating Scale:

Laminate floors use the AC scale to judge how well the floor resists scratches, stains, impacts and burns. It ranges from AC-1 to AC-5.

AC-1 is the lightest and is used for very low traffic residential floor areas.

AC-2 is used for moderate traffic residential areas.

AC-3 is used for heavy traffic residential areas.

AC-4 is used for light to moderate traffic commercial flooring applications.

AC-5 is the highest and is used for very heavy traffic commercial areas such as offices, restaurants, retail shops, medical offices, ect.

Use this scale to determine your floor’s durability level before you purchase laminate flooring and you will enjoy your floor for years!

AC4 commercial-rated wear layer.
Our AC4 commercial-rated wear layer provides 60 percent greater wear resistance than typical laminates with an AC3-rated wear layer, and protects against fading and staining.
AC3 light commercial-rated wear layer.
This rating means that your floor is engineered to resist stains or fading, and weather the day-to-day wear and tear as well or better than other laminates out there.
IC3 indentation resistance.
Industry testing simulates the effect of dropping items on the floor, much like a baby hurling a bottle in a tantrum, only more forcefully. Our laminate earned an industry-leading rating, certifying it can withstand wear and tear at the highest level without denting.
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