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Duraseal Polyurethane
A transparent, tough, oil-based finish formulated to provide excellent durability and remarkable stain resistance.

Bonakemi Traffic
Formulated specifically for heavy-traffic commercial hardwood floors, Bonatech Traffic provides unprecedented durability in a wood floor finish.

Basic Coatings offers a complete line of quality wood floor finishes, providing wood floor professionals the flexibility needed to do the best job possible in all environments. As a specialist in coatings for wood and sports floors, Basic Coatings has introduced many industry-leading finishes over the years-for commercial and residential applications. A combination of quality finishes at the best price helps to make every job a profitable one.

BonaKemi AB of Malmö , Sweden has been manufacturing the world's finest floor finishing products since 1919. BonaKemi is respected worldwide for advancements in the industry and is the reason that Swedish floor finishes are considered a national achievement similar to French wines. Today, BonaKemi AB produces products that are sold in over thirty-five countries around the world.

Bona SportT ,
A Division of BonaKemi USA, Inc., offers complete hardwood sport floor finishing systems. Minimize risk with products designed to work as a team at each step of the finishing process. For basketball, volleyball, racquetball, aerobics or any hardwood sport floor, Bona SportT provides precision sanding equipment, durable abrasives, a rainbow of game line paints engineered specifically for BonaKemi waterborne and oil-modified finishes, the highest quality sealers and finishes available, and a fast, effective maintenance system. Bona SportT systems consistently produce championship appearance and performance for high schools, colleges and NBA arenas.

Environmental Concerns
BonaKemi's commitment to preserving the quality of our environment has been the guiding factor in developing safer wood floor finishes and maintenance products, without sacrificing Bona's industry-leading standards for quality and durability. In 1979 they introduced their first waterborne finish. In a waterborne finish the polyurethane molecules are dispersed in water. When the finish is applied, the water evaporates in 2 to 3 hours and the polyurethane forms the finish layer on the wood floor surface.

When solvent-based finishes are applied the solvent evaporates into the atmosphere leaving harmful fumes and a strong chemical odor that lasts for days as the material dries. These fumes are also highly flammable and some products can even be explosive. Cleaning up after applying these finishes contributes to the problem because mineral spirits or solvent thinners must be used.

Many states such as California , Massachusetts , New Jersey , Oregon , and others have recognized these personal and environmental hazards and set limits on the VOC (Volatile Organic Component) content for paints, varnishes and finishes. BonaKemi waterborne floor finishes are well below these compliance limits. They contain less hazardous solvents and only about 20% of the VOC level of the amount of solvents in a typical solvent-based finish.

BonaKemi hardwood floor finishes are now a preferred finish for a new type of building called ECLU (Environmentally Clean Living Unit). These homes are designed for people who have a very low tolerance for chemicals of many kinds. Solid hardwood floors finished with a waterborne finish are much less troublesome for these ghemically-sensitive people than carpet or vinyl floor coverings.

BonaKemi has an ongoing commitment to research and development to improve their environmentally responsible waterborne technology and to continue their dedication to maintain the industry's highest standards of quality. Look for the BonaKemi Environmental Choice seal on their finishes and hardwood floor maintenance products. It is your assurance that you are doing the right thing for our environment, our children and future generations.

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