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The Shaw Floors show in Anaheim, CA was fabulous.

At Shaw show 2009 in Anaheim I was impressed with new products line including Shaw Hardwood Floor, Shaw Laminate Floor, Shaw Title & Stone, Tuflex Carpet, Philadeplia Carpets, Queen Carpets, Anso choice line and many other fabulous products.

The best of all Shaw floor products made in U.S. and are environmentally friendly. Shaw industries also featuring Anderson Hardwood, Appalachian Hardwood and Virginia Vintage Hardwood line and many others. We had opportunity to visit with Stainmaster Carpet and Anso carpet reps. Overall it was a great show.


The Hardwood & Laminate Collections were stunning and beautiful beyond belief. Such as the fabulous Grand Canyon collection which is a unique antiqued, distressed wood that comes in an 8” solid in 3 species which are Hickory, Oak and Maple .

The other collections are

            Cypress Mountain, a beautiful engineered hardwood in Birch with unique colors and offers a chic, clean look of smooth wood with a silky, semi-gloss finish.

            Whistler an engineered Birch which features the elegantly casual look of hand scraped, hand rubbed wood with a matte, non-glossy finish.

            Brushed Suede an engineered Hickory plank which is hand-brushed with firm wire implements, which digs in to the soft portions of the wood leaving only the hard minerals intact.

            Cosmopolitan Maple, an engineered Maple collection which is hand-scraped and sanded for an aged appearance in 2 distinctly upscale colors Black & White.

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            Metropolitan Maple, an engineered Maple that shines beautifully.  It’s smooth, gleaming and gorgeous.  Also the high-gloss metro smooth surface with subtle distressing makes the floor more forgiving of wear and activity.

            Annadele, an engineered Hickory which is weather flooring distressed by the elements which is one of today’s most sought-after looks.

            Lewis & Clark Maple, a solid 4” Red Maple collection that brings modern style to relaxed family living.  This wood is hand-scraped and distressed which is most unusual for a solid wood.  Chatter marks emphasize and complement the undulating grain.

            Chimney Rock Hickory, a solid 4” which is inviting and warm and offers style that warm up a room with dramatic texture and color.

            Rosedown Hickory, an engineered wood that has Shaw’s Eviro Core made of recycled wood byproducts using fewer trees with less waste.  It’s distressed and hand-rubbed surface has a distinctive sculptural quality that makes a bold statement.

            Pebble Hill Hickory, an engineered with deep hand-scrapping which heightens its appeal.

The new beautiful and stunning LUMINIER LAMINATE COLLECTION was also on display.  This collection comes in 4 beautiful styles and many gorgeous exotic color of laminate.  They are also eco-friendly with Shaw’s Eviro-Core, made in the United States and have a 25 year Warranty.

            African Vue color Mongov has graceful interlocking grain and fine, feathery texture moving through a field of saturated, coppery brown.

            Caribbean Vue in 3 exotic wood colors.  Each color is etched by delicate, dark grain running in rhythmic patterns.  The grain is realistically clear and rich in detail.

            Brazilian Vue in 3 stunning colors that mimic exotic Ipe heartwood from the brighter Rio de Sol to a rich Terra Rica to the deep auburn brown of Rain Forest.         

            Peruvian Vue is dramatic and dark-veined rosewood with undulating deep-brown to red-color that appears striated like lustrous moiré fabric

There was an EMBOSSED IN REGISTER-TOUCHABLE TEXTURE AND MODULAR TILE COLOR ADDS-TOUCHABLE TEXTURE that was fabulous to look at and feel.  They felt like real wood and tile.
            Egret Bay has 4 exotic Brazilian Cherry color and is embossed in register surface which creates stunning realism.    
            Heron Bay has 4 Hickory colors with the look of natural hand-scraping and chatter marks creating a casual feeling that is very popular today.
Majestic Visions is a beautiful collection of 6 modular stone patterns in wide planks that are designed to be installed randomly to creating a uniquely realistic tile floor.

And finally there was a Laminate Tile Collection that is STAINED CONCRETE AND TRAVERTIN-GROUTLESS 12” WIDE TILE DESIGN

            Majestic Summit Stained Concrete in 4 dazzling colors that resemble stained concrete.  The detail and realism are remarkable, especially when installed in a staggered modular pattern.

            Majestic Estates Travertine comes in 2 natural colors are available in a palette of rich, traditional neutrals—they might have been sliced right out of a mountainside.  Both have pleasing texture and irregular sparkle of real travertine.

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