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The most sustainable eco-friendly flooring is Cork Flooring. Cork is the only flooring surface that works like a regular hardwood and yet has the warmth and comfort of a soft surface floor.

Cork is a continually renewable product, harvested approx. every 9 to 11 years from cork trees from the Mediterranean area. Cork is actually the bark of the Cork oak tree and is harvested by hand peeling the bark away from the tree using old techniques.

The harvested cork is used for wine stoppers. The post-industrial cork from this process is the graded and only the premium grade is used for flooring while the lesser grade are used for other things such as cork boards & wall coverings.

Cork Flooring is great and has many unique looks with lots of patterns and textures.

Cork floors are durable and resilient. The maintenance of Cork is real easy, very much the same as maintenance of hard wood flooring. Other advantages of Cork are it is warm and very comfortable under your feet. Cork Flooring is also fire resistant and prevent of the spreading of flames. Also Cork flooring is greatly resistant to termites.

Cork flooring comes in planks, tiles and sheets of various thickness and width and can is used as a great underlayment for other flooring products as a sound absorbing feature.

As many of the participants at Interior Design NeoCon Greenstars Wicanders Cork has been presented as “the only cork manufacturer to control the entire process from seedling through harvest and manufacture,”

McCurley’s Floor Center has been one of the pioneer in promoting green flooring and eco-friendly flooring for decades and we are committed to offering and distributing the most beautiful and sustainable flooring. Our showrooms in the Bay Area Concord and San Ramon, California displays a huge line of Cork and green flooring from major factories such as:

We carry many major brands of cork. Such as:

• Nova
• Wicanders
• WeCork
• Eco Cork
• APC Cork
• And many more

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