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Ceramic Tile Clean and Maintenance



Floor tiles should be periodically vacuumed to remove any dust, dity or particles. After vacuuming a damp sponge or mop should be applied to the floor using all-purpose non oil based cleaner. Do not use Ammonia, as it may damage grout.


Shortly after the tile has been cleaned and dried, grout joints should be treated with silicone sealer. Sealing tile, because tile grout is porous, makes future maintains simplified. A sealer is not needed for epoxy grouts.



Glazed Wall Tile - Clean Glazed Wall Tile with scouring powder or all-purpose cleaner applied to a non-metallic pad. Rinse and wipe dry.

Glazed Floor Tile – Use a commercial tile cleaner or apply a strong solution of an all-purpose, non oil-based cleaner or scouring powder paste. Let stand for five minutes; brush then rinse with clean water, Wipe dry.

Badly Soiled Countertops – Apply a solution of scouring powder and very hot water to countertop, Let stand for five minutes. Scrub the tile with a stiff brush and rings.

Tile Stone Slate Cleaning and Maintains

Slate and Stone – Stone Slate products require unique care and will preserve the natural stone’s original appearance. Use a neutral cleaner with a pH between 7 and 10. Do not use any all purpose cleaners or soaps containing water-soluble inorganic or crystallizing salts, harmful coating type sealer for effects on color prior to full application. Sealed surfaces should be tested periodically for effectiveness. Many factors will contribute to length of time a sealer will last, including the type and texture of the stone or slate, wear factors, cleaning methods used, weather conditions and sun exposure.

Common tile cleaning products can be used to remove soap scum, hard-water deposits and mildew stains. These products are available at local supermarkets or home service centers. For soft water, use an all-purpose, non oil-based cleaner. Allow clear to stand for five minutes before lightly scrubbing with a sponge Rinse well.


Tile and stone maintenance and cleaning products and sealants may be purchased thru McCurleys Floor Center or www.Macfloor.com showrooms. Consult the manufacturer of the cleaner / sealant for usage instructions and more detailed information regarding the impact of their products on your tile, stone and grout prior to application.


Tile Considerations

  • Do not use tile and stone cleaners containing acid or bleach for routine maintenance.
  • Do test scouring powders and sealants on a small tiles
  • Do not use wax-based cleaners, oil-based detergents or sealants to maintain your tile and stone sealants may be used on grout joints)
  • Damaged or broken tile and stone removed and replaced by a qualified tile installer.
  • Do not use harsh cleaning aids like steel wool pads or any scouring pads containing metal on tile and stone
  • Use a tile and stone sealer on grout joints.
  • Avoid using cleaning agent that contains color (unglazed tile only)
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