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Before You Buy Ceramic & Porcelain Tile


Basics Ceramic and porcelain Tile information:


Ceramic and porcelain tile materials give you many options in terms of color, texture, pattern and overall beauty. This may seem overwhelming, but at McCurleys / MacFloor we have made your job much easier by the following steps.


1. Tile Types:

  • Glazed Floor, Wall, Mosaic Tile – glazed ceramic tile can achieve the look of natural stone, marble, slate at a much more affordable price. Depending on the needs of durability, glazed ceramic tile can be used for floor and wall applications

  • Glazed Porcelain Tile – Similar to glazed ceramic tile, its surface is coated entirely with glass-forming minerals or ceramic stains. Porcelain however, provides great water absorption, allowing it be commonly used in exterior applications.

  • Color-Body Porcelain Tile- The color runs all the way thru the tile, unlike glazed porcelain tile. Porcelain Tile is generally is used for shower floors and other wet area.

  • Quarry Tile- generally applied to tile that is unglazed vitreous, or semi-vitreous tile that is usually used for floors and countertops

  • Mosaic Tile- are typically smaller than 2x2, and is frequently mounted on sheets for convenience

2. Shade Variations


Low- not noticeable
Moderate – barely noticeable
High- noticeable
Random- very noticeable


3. Scratch Hardiness- based on MOHS hardness scale from 1 (softest) to 10 (hardest). For residential floor applications rating of 5 or higher are suitable


4. Slip resistance- Based on ASTM C1028 testing, the higher value indicates higher slip resistance. OHSA currently recommends a minimum coefficient of friction of .50 or greater for walkways, and .60 for floor application where slip resistance is a concern.

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