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Hardwood Wood Flooring Hardness Scale - Janka

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The Janka Hardwood Scale measures the hardness of different species of wood. The test is a measure of the amount of force required to embed a 44 inch steel ball to half its diameter in wood.

This hardness scale is the best well known scale in the Hardwood Flooring industry. Although the scale gives a number of hardness of wood, you should not select a hardwood just based on its hardness, grain, color, environment and design in addition to hardness should be considered when selecting your hardwood flooring.


  Does hardwood floors change color after installation?  
  Hardwood floors, being natural products, our subjected to color changes with exposure to normal sunlight. As with all natural products made from wood, these changes are expected and are a desired element of the beauty and distinctiveness of wood floors. It is advantageous to move or rearrange area rug, furniture, etc., periodically to avoid defined lines between the exposed and unexposed flooring.  
Species of Hardwood
Hardwood Flooring Color Changes
Ash Wood
Pale cream darkens to straw tan.
Beech Hardwood Flooring
Pink/tan tones to amber.
Birch Hardwoods
Freshly sanded tones to a more red/yellow color as it ages.
Brazillian Cherry Hardwood Floor
Pronounced deepening of all color tones.
Cherry Wood Flooring
Pronounced changes from pink hues to deeper red tone.
Doussie Hardwood
Substantial changes from orange/browns to deeper mahogany hues over time; color variation more pronounced as floor ages.
Iroko Wood Floors
darkening from golden and light browns to medium brown
Jarah Wood
Some muting of color variation darkening towards deeper reds/red browns
Hard Maple
Cream white to golden cream.
Merbau Hardwood Floor
Some muting of color variation darkening towards medium brown.
Red Oak Hardwood Floor
Pink to tan amber
Some muting of color variation – pink/reds become more red
Sucupira Floors
Little Change
Walnut Harwood Flooring
A medium to high degree of color change, the dark brown heartwood lightens over time to a golden brown
White Oak Hardwoods
Some muting of color variation to medium, straw brown
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