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Prefinish & Unfinish Hardwood Flooring


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McCurley’s floor center is has been providing & distributing solid & engineered hardwood flooring over 35 years. Our great selection of unfinish & prefinish hardwood gives you the best choice of any color, size and species. Browse our website www.MacFloor.com or visit one of our showrooms in the Bay Area in San Ramon or Concord California.

Solid hardwood Flooring

Regardless of width or length, solid hardwood floor Milled from one single piece of hardwood from top to bottom. Whether is pre finished solid or unfinished hardwood feature beautiful surfaces which last for years to come. Unfinished hardwood cost low and easy to install, but finishing the surface is more difficult and has to be done on site. You have to higher professional to sand, stain and refinishing which is usually costly.

Species are available in a range of grades, colors, sizes, and shines to blend with any decor. Pre finished solid hard- wood is quick and easy to install, and the residents don’t have to leave home during installation.

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  European White Oak | White Oil Hardwood

Engineered hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwoods are bonded together with heat and pressure has developed for installation in areas with variable humidity levels, engineered flooring is more stable than solid wood. The boards can be glued directly onto concrete, an acoustic underlay, or even a subfloor with a floor heating system. Can be installing for condominiums, basements, and commercial uses. Engineered wood floor quality known base on there top layer and the number of plies which made of usually the more top layer gives you the more sanding and more plies is proved more moisture resistance. Engineered hardwood can be installed with glue down method, nail down or floating method.

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